søndag 3. april 2011

While we wait..

I have been going through some old film clips lately and I have decided to upload this old classic of me doing "Just call me Helmet" 7c+/8a in Thailand in 2006.

The hardest route I had done before this was one 7c in Hell just outside my home town Trondheim. I then went bouldering for a time so when I got on this I really had no point of referance and thus can`t properly comment on the grade.

I spent 6 days on the route with Torstein Magnussen as my faithful belayer. I constantly fell on the last move after day 2 so some footage is from the the attempts and some like the top shots are from the actual accent.

The last day on it I got this american guy to belay me while Torstein jumared up a fixed line for the first time in he`s life to capture the action from a rope.
There is some shaky hands at times, but for he`s first time, I will say Torstein did a very good job filming.

I did the main edit some years ago for a larger film project but my computer crashed and the hard drive was beyond saving so this was all that remained.. The footage is luckily on tape so one day (not today, or any day soon) I might go through it and make something more of it:)

For now thought enjoy this little clip and feel free to comment if there is some tech bugs still needed to be fixed:)